Welcome, my love

I'm Charlotte

I am a lover of spirit and the mysteries. Explore my offerings to bring yourself back home again.


Remember, Witch


Hello, beautiful soul! I’m grateful you have arrived. A warm welcome to you and the loving energy that guided you here. 

My name is Charlotte Burnap. I work in the realms of feminine healing, wellness, magick, and biz. Having spent ten years (and counting!) devoted to my spiritual practice and travelling the world in search of truth, I have arrived in a space where tending to our temples, the earth, and each other is the practice.

I am here to help you remember your power and guide you back to yourself again. You are truly your own best healer and as a woman, you are deeply intuitive and connected to the earth, your body, your womb, and the cosmos. I believe these are the keys to your healing.

Whatever your goal, if you feel the call, explore the many ways we can work together, here.

You know the answer already.



"Charlotte is such a beautiful space holder. There is love and attention to detail in everything she does and I really look forward to experiencing more classes and treatments with her."

- Poppy Alvares

"Charlotte is experienced in a number of modalities and can tailor for your needs whether deep shadow work or more uplifting treatments. Mature beyond her years, she creates a nurturing and caring environment to support your personal healing journey. Highly recommend."

- Bridget Lesley

"Charlotte is a clear channel who offers individual, bespoke advise which is accessible and in super achievable action steps. I've already started attracting more followers and clients."

- Clair Alexander