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No matter where you’re at and what you’re ready to invest, there’s bound to be something to help you heal on a deeper level, access greater wisdom, align your energy to success, and begin your transformation.

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1-1 Healing Experiences

Distance Energy Healing, Shamanic Medicine, and Feminine Healing (coming soon). Each session is deeply transformative and unlocks profound insights and healing. Whether you want to heal a wound, feel stuck in old patterns, are in doubt, need to release something, desire to connect with your higher self, explore your past lives, dive into womb work, commune with plant consciousness, or simply just come to rest. Each healing aims to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into harmony and balance - clearing the path ahead.

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Online Offerings + Courses

I offer different courses that support you on your spiritual healing journey. These include my Energy Awakening course to help you fully understand the world of energetics and how to heal energetically, my Abundance Codes course which heals you to heal your scarcity stories and align with the frequency of abundance, as well as my Ritual Biz course designed to support healers in their business through ritual & strategy. Plus, meditations, ceremonies, shamanic journeys, yoga, workbooks, and more. All of my courses are designed to be self-paced and remind you that you are your own best healer. 

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1-1 Mentorship 

Private mentoring is my most intimate, high-level offering. This is for the intuitive & powerful woman who is ready to experience a magical metamorphosis through a path of self love, healing, and awakening. Through this life changing journey, you will develop the knowledge and foundation to dissolve obstacles in your path, free your mind, and elevate your spirit. The result? Becoming open, fluid, and free to create space for magic, money, and miracles. More love, more flow, and more fun! This is truly a space of intention to align with the highest version of yourself. I have three different mentorship options: Spiritual Biz Mentorship, Mystic Mentorship, and Rise.

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Events, Trainings, + Retreats 

Experience transformation in one of my group containers. Whether it be my Abundance Retreat, Angelic Reiki Training, Cacao Circles, Rapè Ceremony, or a Yoga class, no matter your experience level or your background, you are always welcome in my space. Often, I will collaborate with fellow healers to combine our knowledge and give you the best possible experience. I offer different practices, trainings, workshops, ceremonies, circles, and rituals. It is here that we foster a deep sense of connection, community, and compassion. 

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