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Cacao Song Circle: Actively Alive in Faversham

Sunday 7th July 2024: 2pm-4pm

Come and gather in circle to receive the heart-opening and healing medicine of IxCacao, Mama Cacao. Cacao is an ancient and highly revered plant medicine in the Americas, originating from Mayan culture. Known for its qualities to heal the heart and connect humans to the spirit world, Cacao is much more than just a hot chocolate. When drinking ceremonial Cacao in an intentional and ceremonial setting, one can receive deep healing, profound insights, and embody a sense of wonder, excitement, and awe. We will be praying, singing, and meditating with this medicine, everyone is welcome and invited to share their voice if they wish. I will be joined by my medicine friends to bring you a mixture of different medicine songs. This is an intentional and compassionate space where you can cultivate empowerment, community, joy, and of course, love. 

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Angelic Reiki Training Levels 1&2: Canterbury

19th, 20th & 21th July 2024

This transformative workshop imparts the profound teachings and techniques of Angelic Reiki. It is a tranquil and powerful energy healing modality that works at a Soul level, with the highest energies, love, and wisdom of the Angels, treating the root cause of any condition, bringing about healing and balance on all levels promoting very deep healing. Throughout the training, you will be attuned to the 1st and 2nd degree of Angelic Reiki opening doors to new dimensions of healing and spiritual growth. 

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Rapé Ceremony: Canterbury

Saturday 3rd August 2024 - 2pm-5pm

Rapé is a psychotropic substances that has been used for thousands of years for sacred and spiritual practices, it is tobacco-based snuff that provides many benefits. Originating from Brazil, pronounced "ha-peh" or "rapay", Rapé is a medicine that contains Nicotiana Rustica (known as tobacco or mapacho) as well as other healing herbs. It is administered into the nose and once the medicine enters your body, it permeates through your mucous membranes into your bloodstream. This process makes you feel calm and relaxed, yet aware and alert. Rapé can induce purging but not always. It is a beautiful medicine for those looking for clarity, grounding, and a significant shift in energy. I will be working alongside the incredible Helen Porter in this ceremony, as well as having assistance from Mexican healer, Pablo Lacayo. 

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Lion's Gate: Abundance Day Retreat: Martin Mill

Thursday 8th August 2024

Join me on this auspicious day in Kent on 8th August 2024 for this Abundance Retreat. Work with the medicines of the elements, the cosmos, and focused intention. Lion's Gate is a yearly phenomenon that coincides in Leo season when the Earth, Sirius, and Orion align within the Leo constellation. This celestial doorway opens between July 28th and August 12th, with pinnacle alignment occuring on 8th August forming a portal of enchantment and manifestation. Known as the most potent day of the year for manifestation, join us as we dream our new dreams into being. This is a day-long retreat of magick and empowerment for those called to Lion’s Gate, the path of the heart, and earth-based prayer. 

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