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Abundance Retreat

8th August 2024 · 9.30am - 5pm



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Dreamer, do you feel the call?

Join me on this auspicious day in Kent on 8th August.

Abundance itself is a conscious state of being. It is a state of overflow, self-love, and true appreciation for all that is. It is this ecstatic state of gratitude that we will cultivate throughout our day together that will ripple out blessings into your life. Work with the medicines of the elements, the cosmos, and focused intention. This is a day-long retreat of magick and empowerment for those called to Lion's Gate, the path of the heart, and earth-based prayer.

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The Lion's Gate Portal is calling. This yearly phenomenon coincides in Leo season when the Earth, Sirius, and Orion align within the Leo constellation. This celestial doorway opens between July 28th and August 12th, with pinnacle alignment occuring on 8th August forming a portal of enchantment and manifestation. Known as the most potent day of the year for manifestation, join us as we dream our new dreams into being.


Experience a day of heart-opening rituals and abundance activations.

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite days of the year where I'll guide you through a day of heart-opening magick and ceremony. We'll spend the day in my countryside home in Kent which will be your own temple space for the day. 

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In a spiritual context, the notion of abundance is not so much about having material possessions, rather, it is focused on an appreciation of life in its fullness and joy, as well as the strength of the mind, body, and soul. At its core, abundance is the cultivation of respect for the creative energy that permeates the universe. 

Abundance is being rooted in Love.

When you feel abundant, you feel rooted in gratitude, appreciation, and trust. You feel a peaceful state of worthiness and fulfillment, and it is always within your reach. This container is about awakening you to this truth. The truth that when we are rooted in love, play, and peace - we automatically attract abundance to us. We will be working with the energies of Goddess, Mama Cacao, our Lion spirit guide, crystals, stones, flowers, water, Mother Earth herself, in addition to our yogic practice and journeying practices. This retreat is deeply shamanic at its core whilst rooted in modern day nueroscience for a deeper understanding of energy and the power of transformational thinking. 

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A Temple Space Curated Just For You

Here is a look into our day together: 

Welcome + Opening Cacao Ceremony 

Heart-Opening Yoga + Meditation Practice

Overcoming Scarcity Workshop

Organic Seasonal Gut-Health Vegetarian Lunch

Abundance Activation:

A Shamanic Journey

Somatic Healing + Earth-Based Practices

Crystal Reading & Personalised Crystal Necklace

Energy Cleansing, Water Blessing + Rituals

Healthy Snacks + Refreshments 

Your Host  

Charlotte Burnap 

Having spent ten years devoted to my spiritual practice and travelling the world in search of truth, I have arrived in a space where tending to our temples, the earth, and each other is the practice. My intention for sharing this retreat with you is to bring you into a state of peace and bliss. This work is empowering, uplifting, and deeply satisfying. It helps you to appreciate what is already around you and the beauty that is in your life. I am so excited share the rituals and practices I have embodied along my travels and provide a space of peace, joy, and transformational growth. 

"Charlotte provides a beautiful healing space for relaxation, restoration, or transformation. Mature beyond her years she creates a nurturing and caring environment to support your personal healing journey. Highly recommend." - Bridget Thompson

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My Assistant 

Pablo Lacayo

From the magical city of Tepoztlan in Mexico, Pablo is an Artesano (Artist) who is deeply connected to the earth, angels, and the magick of crystals. He is gifted with the knowledge of many different traditions of medicine in Mexico but primarily works with the power of intention, crystals, and sacred stones. Double Gemini, Pablo loves to travel and create community, and is a joy to everyone he meets. He will be gifting each person on the retreat a crystal reading and their very own personalised crystal wire-wrapped necklace to take home. 

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The investment for this day-retreat is £150 per person with spaces being extremely limited. 

The location is in Martin Mill in Kent in my home, the exact location will be released after booking. 

To attend this retreat, you must apply first and I will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Let's Weave Together


"Abundance is a state of consciousness. Prosperity is a result of that consciousness" 

- Chris Lee